Creating truely bespoke pieces, in-house.
ABS edging
Apply ABS edging

Using an ABS edging gives more durability to our cabinets. All of our cabinets come with ABS edging that matches the colour of your door.

festool driver
By hand

All of our cabinets are cut to size and assembled by hand, in-house.

blum press
Cabinet press

We use a cabinet press to add the euro screw holes where needed, no-more excessive rows of unused holes.

hinge press
Hinge press

We drill all of our doors in-house allowing us to chnage the default placement to match your existing cabinets i.e door replacements.

kreg press
Kreg press

The kreg press creates a pocket hole, giving superior build over dowelled construction.

Suction table
Suction table

This allows us to edge panels without the chance of marking them with traditional clamps.

Table saw
Table saw

We cut all of our panels to size to create any size possible.

Wall saw
Wall saw

We can cut panels of over 3 metres to accomodate most projects.

With all this machinery with can offer bepoke cabinetry to cut to size panels.
We can also other hinge siteing for existing cabinets, needed for door replacements.